The cooperative route to fair, sustainable and independent open access publishing.


A project of Decentralized Science

Support just OA academic publishing

Quartz OA is an ecosystem that facilitates exchanges of resources and funding among the open access community members. It is a new cooperative economy and a new channel to fund and support independent open access publishing.

Help the academic community retain the value it generates

We do not propose ‘yet another’ platform set to extract profit from the value created by someone else. We are building a platform cooperative that will be owned by the members of the academic community and will be protected from a takeover or a change of ownership through democratic governance mechanisms.

Our vision

We are on a mission to support the transition to fair, sustainable and independent open access publishing. We strive for more inclusive, just and equitable academic publishing where underrepresented and niche scholarly communities are nurtured and supported and everyone has equal opportunities to publish in open access regardless of their background or scientific discipline. We believe that contributions to fair open access publishing – be it authoring, reviewing, or editing – should be recognized and valued.

How does it work?

Simple and fast.

Join the Quartz OA community and start exchanging services and support – both financial and in-kind – with other community members: journals and publishers, individual academics, and institutions/libraries

Install our browser extension to automatically send micro-donations to partner open access publishers as you browse content on their websites

Support our crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for trusted independent OA journals and publishers.

Is Quartz for you?


Access additional streams of funding and a supportive network of academics and institutions to improve your economic sustainability. Reward the academics’ contributions to your journals and gain visibility and trust through participation in the Quartz OA community.


Support the transition towards fairer academic publishing. Contribute to the sustainability of independent open access publishing initiatives and get recognition for your contributions.


Support independent scholar-led academic publishing and optimize your open access strategy by automatically channelling funds to those OA publishing outlets that are relevant to your researchers.

Why Quartz?

Let’s make academic publishing fairer and more sustainable together. We are at the early stages of our journey and there is a great number of ways you could contribute to our initiative. Check our our white paper to learn more about our vision and how you could participate in our work.

Join our community

Would you like to be the first to start using our platform and our technologies once they are launched? (spoiler – that will be pretty soon!). Then leave us your email address so that we could get in touch with you.

Don’t forget to follow QuartzOA on Twitter – we’ve got a whole line-up of events and announcements coming soon!

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